Domaine Denis Mortet

Une famille à Gevrey-Chambertin depuis 1956

Laurence Mortet


Laurence,Queen of hearts/

Laurence is a farmer’s daughter and she is proud of this. She has always loved the land. When she married Denis, she worked hard in the vineyard to learn the profession. Was it an obligation? “It seemed rather obvious, because this is where everything begins.”

Growing vines implies closeness to nature, loyalty to the work of our elders and to family roots; it is consideration for the grapes, the raw material. For many years, life flows along as steadily as grape juice into the vats. Denis and Laurence progress together, independent, with the belief that it is always possible to improve, that the next vintage will be even better. In 2006, Denis dies suddenly. For Laurence, this is enough to make her collapse, but she keeps going nevertheless. This estate has been a family affair for generations; it is the Mortets’ entire life and will remain her whole life. A loving, nurturing mother, she believes in her son. Arnaud is still young, but she has faith in him and wants “him to be happy, at all costs.” So she leaves him free to make his own way, without ever doubting his decisions.

La famille Mortet

When he talks about “frehness” and “length on the palate” for his wines, she understands what he means, just by seeing him work. She prefers the present to nostalgia: “Personally, I like Arnaud’s wines very much; I find them supple, elegant and natural.” Laurence believes just as much in her daughter Clémence, who returned to the estate 6 years ago. A strong affinity exists between brother and sister, each one in his or her place, always together for decision-making, along with their mother, of course. Since 2006, the estate has found a different vitality thanks to Laurence’s kindness. She has re-examined things again deeply. Today, time has taken its revenge on Denis’ absence. The past is not betrayed, the present is truly alive and the future is reassuring. The estate remains more than ever the family’s place of security, a place of wisdom and affection.

My style…

Le vignoble

• A childhood memory A bunch of gladioli given to me by my Aunt Anne-Marie on the morning of my birthday.

• My real luxury Drinking a glass of wine peacefully, sitting in front of my fireplace.

• My dream destination Vienna.

• My latest discovery The power of trees.

• My Burgundy Clos Vougeot.

• When I have time To be surrounded by my grandchildren.

• My last bout of uncontrollable laughter With my grandchildren.

• I never tire of My Ricoré with my slices of bread and spread.

• My definition of style The interpretation of uniqueness.

• Cooking or chef, what do you prefer? Cooking.

• Never Without wine.

• Always Bread.